Saturday, October 9, 2010

First Feingold vs Johnson Debate Run Down

Funny thing. Sen. Russ Feingold's voting record on spending programs over the last two years is more conservative than Rep. Paul Ryan's.

Feingold vs Johnson on wars. Johnson loves a petty resolution against

Tax cuts for the wealthy would have pulled us out of the recession? Johnson claims that was the tipping point.

Johnson lies about health care reform, claiming it will cost money instead of saving $1.3 trillion according to the CBO, and Feingold defends health cares freedoms and liberties:

Johnson can't say nuclear either, ignores the huge rate increases to consumer bills to pay for it and the liability insurance, while Feingold looks ahead to wind energy paid for by stimulus money spent in Johnson's district:

Johnson is a tea party kinda guy, and Feingold uphold Constitutional language:

Feingold defends Social Security as an insurance policy, not an investment account. Here, Feingold should have mentioned the GOP plan still includes government control of the money, not personal, and is bailed out by taxpayers if the accounts lose money:

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