Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Fact-Dreck Bulls**t!!! Would Republics Make Cuts to Social Security? NOT SURE!!!

I am so tired of all the PolitiFact nonsense the media and campaign ads have suddenly embraced as the final word. Take this vacuous analysis devoid of real world coded language and known political party platforms:

"Fiorina's plan would mean slashing Social Security and Medicare." Barbara Boxer on Friday, October 15th, 2010 in a campaign ad Fiorina isn't terribly specific … She does say often that she does not want to cut benefits for current retirees or those nearing retirement.
But that does mean she will cut benefits for everybody else? This rhetoric isn’t even coded language anymore, and has been a Republican party target for over a half century. But these fact check organizations refuse to consider this indisputable fact. Oh, and it's that old BOTH PARTIES ARE DOING IT…:

We should note here that most of the candidates from both parties … say we shouldn't cut benefits for current retirees or those nearing retirement. You might call these generic talking points.
Democrats aren’t saying, as a party, that cutting benefits is a consideration. It isn’t . It’s a Republican talking point, along with a few Blue Dog Democrats in very conservative districts. It’s not BOTH PARTIES.
Summing up their clueless conclusion:
We certainly don't like it when candidates refuse to give specifics about their plans. Fiorina has indicated she would accept some form of cuts to Social Security and Medicare for younger workers, but time and again she has refused to be specific, and only speaks about curtailing future spending for the programs in vague generalities. Still, that does not give the Boxer campaign the right to fill in the blanks. We do know that Fiorina supports slowing the growth of such programs to rein in government spending, but we don't know what specific proposals would look like, and whether they would constitute "slashing." And for this reason, we rate Boxer's statement Barely True.
So will Fiorina cut Social Security benefits? How crazy is that.
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