Saturday, October 23, 2010

Creator of "Don't Vote" ad urging latinos not to vote claims that wasn't his message.

Never has voter supression been more in your face and truthful. Not much to debate here, unless you're the crazy group trying to explain yourself to the press.

Lawrence O'Donnell interviewed Robert De Posada, of Latinos for Reform, and got him to twist himself into a pretzel claiming viewers have to look at the substance of the whole ad. It's incredible.

The Las Vega Sun wrote this about a possible backlash:

The message behind a short-lived but highly publicized ad was clear: Latinos, stay home. Voter suppression isn’t usually marketed as voter empowerment. But in the ad by Latinos for Reform, an independent campaigning group led by career conservative Robert de Posada, the paradox was presented as plain sense: Because the Democrats haven’t delivered on immigration, exercise your right to vote by not doing so.

But the fever-pitch backlash to this advertisement suggests the message could bring
about just the opposite effect, by energizing a Hispanic voting bloc that may have been lethargic with a new and compelling reason to get out and vote — by and large, for Democrats.

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