Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When Democrats Alledge Foreign money in elections, Media Pushes back. Like they did with Health Care Abortions, Death Panels..?

This is serious stuff, yet alleging possible co-mingling of funds from foreign contributors in our electoral process is getting rebuffed by the news media, as if an investigation would be an outrage. Chris Matthews makes the best case here, with Chris Cillizza completely clueless to the possibility. We should take the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's word, right?

The cable news outlets never pushed back on the flimsy evidence of WMD's in Iraq. Lesson learned? Nope. When it comes to the corporate takeover of our elections with foreign money, who cares. Somebody take away their press card please.

My conservative friend has taken the side of the Chamber, demanding proof, the kind of evidence that could only be found AFTER an investigation. He says he just doesn't care or believe it. Check out the linked conservative crazy stories below.

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