Sunday, October 17, 2010

“Anti-business” Liberal Madison WI, 31st Best City in U.S.!!! Republicans Stumped. Oh, and about that failed stimulus…

Scatching their heads, Republicans hope no one notices or remembers 3 weeks from now when they cast their ballot for an end to stimulus spending.

Wisconsin State Journal: Madison scored 31st highest among the nation's 200 biggest cities on the Milken Institute's Best Performing Cities 2010, issued this week. The assessment aims to determine which metropolitan areas have the best success at creating and keeping jobs, the quality of jobs produced and the overall economic performance.
Republicans like Ron Johnson would have voted against the stimulus, an Obama program that has failed miserably they say, because government doesn’t create jobs. It doesn’t… ?

Wisconsi State Journal: Construction company owner Dan Zignego describes himself as a fiscal conservative. But when it comes to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — aka the federal stimulus package — Zignego is on board. “It’s been a blessing,” he admits. “The last two or three years have been pretty tough and ARRA has saved a lot of our industry from having to lay even more people off.”

The Waukesha-based Zignego Co. is the general contractor on the $43 million reconstruction of the I-94 Badger Interchange, the single most expensive stimulus project in Dane County and the second-largest in Wisconsin behind the expansion of I-94 from Milwaukee to the Illinois border.

The Badger Interchange rebuild project has been in the state Department of Transportation pipeline since 2000 but was finally moved ahead by the $3.3 billion in stimulus dollars coming to Wisconsin. “This is one of the many projects around the country that was on hold because of lack of money and is now under way,” Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez said.

The expansion of I-94 to eight lanes between Milwaukee and the Illinois line isn’t slated for completion until 2016 and carries a final price tag of $1.8 billion. The work has been planned since 2000 but had been on hold because of a lack of funds. More than 200 private sector workers are drawing paychecks from the Badger Interchange project, including engineers, truck drivers and cement layers.

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