Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Republicans aren't Stupid, they just look that way by eveyone else.

In the conservative Bizarro world of opposites, nothing says stupid like the following commentary from by S.E. Cupp from the Daily News, who never quite justifies why this is a Jerry Springer like mid-term election for Republicans. My commentary is in red.

Many of you are going to vote against Democrats this November, restoring Republicans to a majority in the House and maybe even the Senate. And if we're to believe the Democrats and the liberal media, the reason is because you're too stupid to know any better. I know, I know. For those of you who can actually read this, it bruises the ego. But it also boggles the mind - more than half the American population cannot be trusted at the ballot box? (A lie, since Democrats have never said conservatives “can’t be trusted.” In fact, it's conservative leaders who have proposed keeping clueless Americans away from the voting booths.)

People who've somehow managed to start their own businesses, matriculate from top colleges, raise successful families in trying times, balance their own household budgets and master the maddening mental mousetrap that is the NASCAR point system are simply too dumb to understand today's political talking points? (Which assumes Democrats, a third of the electorate, have never done any of the above. Thank god conservatives own all the businesses and raise only successful families.)

In Newsweek, Andrew Romano writes that the backbone of this opposition of
dumb-asses, the Tea Parties, are uninformed constitutional "evangelists," who
have "frequently misunderstood or misrepresented the Constitution," despite
clinging to it as "their sacred text" - you know, the way some hicks cling to
guns and religion.
(Guilty as charged. Check the list of scholarly issues on the t-shirt below)

S.E. Cupp doesn’t dispute the above or Romano’s observation, but instead points out something even more important:

One thing has become unquestionably clear: We are more politically engaged right now than we have been in decades. But there's something else going on here. And his name is Glenn Beck, the left's favorite right-wing lunatic and patron saint of idiots everywhere. Or so they think. (“Or so they think?” Apparently we’re just imagining Beck is a paranoid fear monger.)

What the left doesn't get is that Beck isn't playing on nativism, racism or any other scary "ism" … He's a hit because he plays on our insatiable desire to know stuff. Some call it "intellectual curiosity" … Beck is routinely called an "anti-intellectual" in the left-leaning press … The truth is that the left is skeptical of intellectual curiosity because it's convinced that Beck is a panderer to the wild, uncultured masses that refuse to accept the Obama doctrine as sacred. (I don’t know anyone who thinks Obama’s doctrine is sacred, do you? In fact, what is the doctrine?)

Here come the Beck “followers.”
No, he is not always polished in his delivery. No, he doesn't have an Ivy League degree. Yes, he looks goofy sometimes. But none of this matters to his followers, because, unlike detractors on the left, they see past his appearance to his ideas … It's a thirst for knowledge that Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, with their smug condescension, are not quenching.

So say what you will about President Obama's critics and the skeptical masses. And say what you will about Beck. But blaming November on ignorance only makes the left look stupid. (Astonishing!!)

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