Wednesday, August 31, 2016

WISGOP offers "safe space" for Oppressed Dane County Republicans in weird ad.

Poor Republicans, they still haven't forced every Wisconsin liberal to pack up and leave the state since taking control. Fearful Republicans still can't express themselves in public. When will conservatives stop being blamed, victimized and questioned over every little failure. What can they do to strike back?

Well, the Republican Party of Dane County knows...they've put out a whiny radio ad blaming "liberals" again for the negative consequences of their own supply side agenda. Isn't it interesting that people are more angry and frustrated now since Scott Walker took over almost 6 years ago.

Here's a clip of WISGOP's radio ad that is oddly similar to the fake radio ads Randi Rhodes played in her show, titled "Republican Rehab." Check them both out for a good laugh...oops, I've just victimized Republicans again:
Ad: "Are you a conservative in  Dane County? Do you feel oppressed? Are your days filled with micro aggression's from your liberal co-workers? Are you afraid to talk politics, worried about the consequences if you - come out of the closet as a Republican. There is hope. The Republican Party of Wisconsin has a "safe space," just for you..."

Here's the scarily similar parody ad "Republican Rehab:

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