Friday, August 5, 2016

New Low? Trump fabricates Iranian hostage video as ransom payoff.

What a spectacle. The renown lying Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump, really went all out with absolute bullshit for two days pummeling Obama for letting Iran belittle him with a video supposedly showing a ransom payoff for hostages. None of that was true, but that didn't stop the incredible Trump.

Trumpateers will see nothing wrong with the total fiction created by Trump...because that's what it's all about anyway, embarrassing Obama.

Look, you kinda lose the moral high ground and the ability to call your opponent a liar when in fact, you're the liar:
Donald Trump acknowledged Friday that the videotape he has been talking about over the last couple of days is of American prisoners being freed from Iran and not of a $400 million cash payment from the U.S. as he had described it.

Here's a tweet that pretty much says it all:

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