Thursday, August 25, 2016

Trump's nationalism lapped up by low information conservative voters in Wisconsin.

It's a funny but sad reality; one moment Republicans tell us to hate government, but in another feel outraged when some students refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance to that same government.

It's opposite day everyday in Republican world. Perhaps conservatives tack more to the Bizarro World pledge...I mean code, pictured to the right.

Like most rightwing cliched memes on Facebook, another clueless parent is supposedly guiding their children through the maze of life with wisdom gleaned from their own low information experiences:

It took this Facebook comment to bring everyone back to reality:
One commenter wrote. "The very thing that many of you claim ('this is America') is what allows people to opt out. History is a wonderful subject."
In Walker's Wisconsin: The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper asked a few Trump supporters, those we now recognize as "real Americans," about his plan to conduct "extreme vetting" for those coming into the country. Their reactions are typically conservative, everything the pledge request is, and more:

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