Friday, August 5, 2016

Walker, Ryan & Johnson avoid and denounce Trump, but welcome his like minded voters.

The headline, "Walker, Johnson, Ryan skipping Trump event" in Green Bay casts our local politicians in a new light; they're all cowards, unable to stand by their convictions and a bully they disagree with.
JS: Walker will be viewing flood damage in northern Wisconsin. Ryan plans to be in the southern part of the state, where his district is. And Johnson has "prior commitments," according to his spokesman.
All three have made it unmistakably clear that they value "party above country."

It doesn't matter what Trump might do to our economy and international relations as president, as long as the party gets what it wants - from tax cuts to doing away with safety nets - it's worth the price.

"Party before country" is their cry, and America might just be hearing their message.

Ryan is now setting up a possible moral pivot:
House Speaker Paul Ryan said Friday that “of course” there is a point at which he could rescind his endorsement of Donald Trump, but stopped short of saying where that yet-uncrossed line is.
And while Trump is out on the front lines pushing bigotry and racism, Ryan doesn't might going after the same army of voters backing Trump. The NY Times compiled a video of crowd comments during Trump rallies. Oh, not every Republican is like this...sure:

Or this GOP moment of brutal Medieval misogyny featuring a hangman:

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