Friday, August 26, 2016

Republican solution for everything: Guns and Name Calling.

Oh sure, not every Republicans is like this, blah, blah, blah....

AP: Republican Gov. Paul LePage has unleashed an obscene tirade on a Democratic legislator, leaving him a voicemail message that said "I am after you" and telling reporters he wished it were 1825 so he could challenge the lawmaker to a duel and point a gun between his eyes.
Supposedly, a Democratic legislator called him a racist. But seriously folks, LePage is a racist:

LePage (made) racially insensitive comments Wednesday at a town hall where he said photos he's collected in a binder of drug dealers arrested in the state showed that 90 percent of them "are black and Hispanic people from Waterbury, Connecticut; the Bronx; and Brooklyn." In January, Paul LePage said drug dealers with names like "D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty" are getting Maine's white girls pregnant. He later apologized, saying he meant to say "Maine women" and not "white women."
Whether Democratic Rep. Drew Gattine of Westbrook called LePage a racist or not, the governors knuckle dragging, school yard bully response is now standard operating procedure for the Republican Party. Maine voters intentionally picked this guy as their "leader," believe it or not, twice, because they think like him:

"I want you to prove that I'm a racist. I want you to record this and make it public because I am after you. When a snot-nosed little guy from Westbrook calls me a racist, now I'd like him to come up here because, tell you right now, I wish it were 1825. And we would have a duel, that's how angry I am, and I would not put my gun in the air, I guarantee you, I would not be (Alexander) Hamilton. I would point it right between his eyes because he is a snot-nosed little runt and he has not done a damn thing since he's been in this Legislature to help move the state forward." -LePage
Like Trump, LePage is another fine example of how to blame everyone else, not to deal with problems, not take responsibility, not act like an adult and how use a gun to solve problems.