Monday, August 29, 2016

Fact: Republicans support Charter School corruption and failures.

It always seemed odd that the supposed "party of responsibility" has relentlessly pushed charter schools and private vouchers that had little or no accountability. Seriously, why hasn't anyone questioned that contradiction?

That aside, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver took a look at the "profit" motivated charter school industry. We should note that if a comedian and his staff can come up with example after example of bad charter schools, then why can't Republican supporters do the same thing and rethink the whole idea? We know why; they hate public education, period, even if it's at the expense of educating Americas next generation of workers and business owners. There's money to be made now, unions to break up, and campaign donations to drain from the Democratic Party.

Oh, but they're doing it for minority students in poverty stricken urban areas, despite increasing or eliminated the income cap entirely in recent years.

John Oliver's appalling list of charter school problems should make anyone ask; why start a parallel school system fraught with massive fraud and failure? Republicans never have to answer that question.

And as you watch the jaw dropping presentation, Oliver never even addressed poorly performing online classes and private school vouchers. Isn't the whole idea of vouchers a sneaky way to get taxpayers to fund religious schools, which are predominately 5 day a week Sunday schools.
Diane Ravitch: John Oliver’s Program on Charter Schools Went Viral - John Oliver’s very sharp critique of charter schools went viral. In one week, it has had more than 5 million views.

There are success stories, but few and far between. But even with those charter schools, why are we seeing them share their formulas for success with their hosting districts? That was the plan, right? If they are sharing it, why haven't I read any stories about that?

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  1. Today's GOP, the party rotten to the core with contradictions.
    1. The party of The Constitution, knowing that they were violating rights, arrested citizens practicing their rights at the Capital.
    2. The party of law and order, 100% against any government regulations.
    3. The party of small government, taking away local government authority and adding power to the state.
    4. The party attacking Clinton for Benghazi, yet worshipping Reagan who in a similar situation, was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of marines if held to the same standards.
    5. The party of open government, on a daily basis hiding information from the public. Ex. Today's story on the secret restructuring of the DNR.
    6. The party of religious rights, violating mine by taking general tax dollars and pumping money into religious schools which I am not affiliated with.
    7. The party of Christianity, yet they violate every single part of the doctrine that Jesus preached.
    8. The party of pro-life, yet they are against health care for everyone.
    9. The party of Lincoln, now the party of Trump. The really sad part of this is that Trump may have been the best candidate. Cruz, Walker, Rubio,...?