Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Excess Food no longer wasted, going to Food Pantries.

This last weekend, WPT's Market to Market featured a story on excess food distribution, where there are efforts to connect food markets, farmers, restaurants and business cafeterias, with an app that notifies nearby food pantries. 

Another program is taking off right here in Dane County
A couple of years ago, Chris Brockel and others came up with a plan to connect folks without enough food with those who had too much. The idea was to find farms and cafeterias where food was being wasted and reclaim it for area food pantries. Last year, the Healthy Food For All effort got off the ground ... Epic has joined the effort by donating excess food from its employee cafeteria. As an example. In all, the group has distributed over 60,000 pounds of food, which Brockel said translates into about 40,000 meals. 

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