Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Walker lapdog AG Brad Schimel's all out attack on Wisconsin's Environment.

When Brad Schimel ran for the AG spot, he came across as an ass kissing flunky just dying to serve his party. He promised to uphold Republican passed laws because they represented the will of the people. The idea anyone would challenge their legality in court was not even in the cards. To Schimel, the judicial branch had no business telling legislators how to govern. From Upfront with Mike Gousha:

He made it clear over and over. His challenger Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ, a Democrat, brought it up so much that Schimel's campaign bashed her for her "wacky" left wing agenda; protecting the environment:

Without one legal reason why Wisconsin should sue the EPA, Schimel went on this partisan special interest rant about the wonders of coal:

Today, we’re on the verge of plundering Wisconsin’s grand environmental resources again, thanks to Scott Walker's lapdog. In another breathtaking Schimel move. SJ:
Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel announced Monday that he has demoted the

longtime head of the Department of Justice environmental protection unit, Thomas Dawson. Dawson announced he will retire in January.
Get a load of the guy Schimel put in charge:
Schimel named Assistant Attorney General David P. Ross as director of the environmental unit. Keith Reopelle, a senior policy director at Clean Wisconsin. “It’s pretty difficult to view this as anything but a continuing softening of that office of environmental protection.”

In announcing Dawson’s replacement, Schimel said DOJ cares about environmental protection. “As I’ve said before, we are ‘stocking the pond’ at DOJ with some of the very best legal minds in the country, and Dave Ross is certainly no exception.”
Wow, that’s an understatement:
1. Working for a series of law firms, mostly in Washington, D.C., Ross helped developers, businesses and trade associations determine how to comply with environmental regulations.

2. Ross defended major homebuilders accused of violating storm water regulations, and represented clients involved in litigation over the Clean Air Act and over water quality standards for Florida, the Chesapeake Bay and the Mississippi River Basin, according to his profile.

3. Schimel’s announcement noted that Ross had represented green energy developers and investors. Ross’ LinkedIn profile indicated he defended a permit allowing a wind-energy facility to impact endangered species habitat...
Schimel is shameless:
This year, he issued a formal opinion that had the effect of rolling back state powers to protect water from high-capacity wells.
At Schimel’s urging, the Republican-controlled Legislature last year created a new five-lawyer office at DOJ to defend state laws from court challenges and to fight the federal government on issues such as climate change and water pollution.

Meanwhile, the environmental protection unit’s staff this year shrunk to its smallest size in 25 years, continuing a long-term trend as state regulators sought fewer fines from polluters.

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