Saturday, August 13, 2016

Racist Trump might be victim of rigged election in "certain sections of the state," despite voter ID, fewer polling places, limited voting times...etc.

Well, it looks like vote ID isn't enough to stop widespread minority cheating in Democratic areas of our country, wink, wink.

Trump is now directing his pack of fawning low information voters to believe there is an undercurrent of sorcery at play here, that will "rig the election." Voter ID, limited voting times, fewer polling places, required birth certificates...none of that is enough to stop Hillary Clinton from "rigging" the election.

And that's the stunning, almost surreal, underlying message here. Check out the various video clips below. Sadly, it took the bullshit artistry of Trump to force the press to start fact checking and confronting the spread of misinformation like this, to bring them around to doing their job.

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