Friday, August 5, 2016

Scott Walker invites you to "SpinCity," where you can believe anything....

Mr. Spin City himself, Scott Walker...this was just too ironic for me to pass up....


  1. I hope to see someone HURL!

    Extra beer helps!

  2. I just added this comment (not yet approved by moderator) to Wisconsin Gazette re: "Water Major Issue in Wisconsin Elections:"

    WE need to acknowledge that it’s suicide to drink poisoned water, illegal to poison people’s water.

    This was news a whole year ago: (antibiotic resistant E.coli, anyone?).

    Water is to be protected at all costs. Water is sacred.

    1) The pork industry gives newborn pigs drugs to try to control a fatal, newborn pig epidemic ranging in Iowa and the FDA is now trying to withdraw approval of the drug (because residues will be eaten by humans who eat pork, not to mention these chemicals will also enter our land and water, willy-nilly, with manure spreading — which is considered “hands off” and not stopped by any state or federal “watchdog”).

    2) Mike Taylor, the revolving-door-expert par excellence (Monsanto to FDA to Monsanto…) just left the FDA for a DC consulting firm to continue “branding” America’s “food items” as “safe”, no doubt.
    (Scroll down to Mike Taylor, former FDA food safety director, and be sure to read the firm’s list of clients here: .)