Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Radio caller takes down conservative candidate for State Superintendent pushing Charter Schools!

My how times flies. It seems just like yesterday when State Superintendent of Schools Tony Evers had to defend himself against the "reform" lunacy of Republican Rep. Don Pridemore. He thought Common Core was a plot against America by the UN and Europe. Yes, he actually said that with a straight face:

Well another "reformer" has stepped forward, this time pushing charter schools. Charters, like vouchers, have been around for a long time. And yet, despite the moves to privatize, Republicans can't stop claiming our schools are failing.

In a recent post, comedian John Oliver shredded the charter school myth as a great way to improve education.

Below, the candidate for state superintendent Lowell Holtz, get schooled by a caller who catches him twisting the states ACT scores into a pretzel, to push charters. The Mitch Henck Show:

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