Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trump hired Undocumented Polish Workers, didn't pay them, then threatened to turn them over to the INS.

Just to be clear, I've decided to cover Trump because I don't think we'll ever see a more bizarre con man running for president, ever. It's as if a comedian decided to run for president, just so they could do everything wrong to see how far they could push it, and finding out there was no limit.

For instance, All in with Chris Hayes featured this story about Trump stiffing undocumented workers. Any other candidate would be toast after this one, but in Trump's case, it's just another outrage in a long list of other outrages. Seriously, what do you have to do to turn off a right wing voter?

Remember this ridiculous Trump plea to the black community for their vote using racial stereotypes. Trump also claims he will make walking down the street safe again, saying you won't be killed:

Trump just made this outrageous exploitative, self congratulating tweet that still boggles the mind, referenced in the clip above:

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