Saturday, August 27, 2016

Republicans high on New Hallucination; Democratic Mayors liberal policies failed Black Communities?

This story just kind of fell into place, with video and screen captures. The Trump inspired Alt-Right has kicked into high gear with their latest meme, pictured here in a quick Google search:

It's shear lunacy, especially after watching Scott Walker and his legislative plundering pirates attack Milwaukee, strip them of local control and reject efforts to develop a regional thriving business hub.

The Baltimore Sun posted this editorial comment that takes us quickly down the rabbit hole, expecting us to believe that state and national economic policy had nothing to do with minority high unemployment = poverty = the racial gap:
I would ask the black voters of these cities to seriously question whether they believe their lives have been materially improved since their grandparents lived there. Despite a half century of promises, it takes little reflection to agree that life in urban black communities has improved only marginally, if at all. 

While Democrats are fast to point out the problems are the result of "the drug war" or the "unbridled capitalism" of white-owned businesses who took jobs away, you will never hear them look inward and consider that perhaps their leadership and well-meaning but poorly advised liberal social agendas are to blame for much of the misery in poor urban communities. It is time such communities look to new ways of thinking about urban management. If something doesn't work after 50 years of trying the same things over and over, well, it might be time for a change.
 All in with Chris Hayes explored this concept, getting some surprising and unexpectedly ridiculous answers. Really the definitive discussion that exposes its vapid emptiness:
Chris Hayes: "...inner cities in America particularly poor and black areas, are having a hard time is because of Democratic leadership, when everything we know about the accrued history of white supremacy, and red lining, and segregation, and white flight, and disinvestment, is the reason largely that has brought us about to this moment..."

James Rowen's Political Environment reflected on just a few examples of what the state and Scott Walker did to make sure a Democratic leaning Milwaukee gets sufficiently punished:
Blaming someone else...again?
In the wake of GOP Gov. Scott Walker's pledge of $4.5 million in aid to Milwaukee's job-depressed north side after violence there two weeks ago, I noted on this blog that Walker in 2010 campaigned against and helped forfeit federally-funded Amtrak rail line expansion work worth more than $800 million which included train assembly and maintenance work underway and targeted at low-income north side Milwaukee residents.

I also wrote several posts - - one summary, here - - pointing out that Walker has long been a champion of spending more than $6 billion on the freeway system in the Milwaukee area which keeps the region heavily segregated by race and income by routinely omitting transit upgrades hat could help Milwaukee workers in a city land-locked by state law connect with jobs and other opportunities in the suburbs.

I also want to remind readers of Walker's disinterest in and outright hostility to  Milwaukee job creation when he was a GOP state legislator representing suburban Wauwatosa and, later, as Milwaukee County Executive:

* From his legislative perch, Walker sided with other suburban politicians and killed and helpedkill a light rail system in Milwaukee that would have provided construction work, plus housing and business development at stations and along the rail corridors - - a job-creating phenomenon which has occurred in other cities when light rail was built and expanded.
Walker did away with residency rules, came up with a plan to take away local control the school system, and ended citizen approved paid sick leave. Yea, so lets blame the Democrats.

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  1. Scott Walker's comments Re Milwaukee reveal again a child who never grew up.