Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dumb Ron Johnson can't dodge Tomah VA blame.

I continue to hear veterans bash Democratic candidates for problems at the Tomah VA. Funny thing, not one Republican representative or senator ever got blamed or mentioned. Didn't anyone think to get a hold of these strong defenders of veteran services?

It wasn't until long after Dumb Ron Johnson's name started to come up. Strange too, since Johnson was the sitting senator when this story hit the fan, not Feingold by about 4 years.

To straighten this mess out, finally, WISC's Jessica Arp blows the whole thing up in Johnson's face:

The memo in question was sent by a union official who represents Tomah workers, Lin Ellinghuysen. A news story last October highlights two memos, in 2008 and 2009, detailing issues with the doctor and narcotics. Both were marked by Ellinghuysen as "hand-delivered" to the offices of Feingold and other Democrats.

In October she said she told someone to deliver the memos for her, but had "no proof they were ever delivered." Then in January she said she made the delivery note "in error," and that she had a "foggy memory" about any meetings with Feingold about issues at Tomah.

Feingold and the other Democrats listed in the report say they have no record of actually getting the memo. While the memo detailed "unexpected deaths" at Tomah, including suicides, the only death officially considered linked to this issue was in 2014. That's five years after the original memo and four years after Feingold was voted out of office.
Basically, Dumb Ron Johnson is focusing in on...nothing at all. Sure beats debating the issues.

So what about Johnson? Oh, he's got a list of excuses in the tank tea party voters would love, no matter how irresponsible and how many veterans were hurt:
Johnson's office says it got complaints from Honl, and they were sent to a Senate subcommittee. It turns out, though, that the paperwork was only sent to another subcommittee aide who never told Chairwoman Sen. Claire McCaskill or Johnson. Johnson aides have said he was not personally aware of any issues at the VA until January of 2015.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) suggested his office might have responded faster to complaints but his staff was busy during the lame duck session "doing job interviews and stuff." Johnson made the comments in a radio interview on the Jerry Bader Show.
"You have to understand what happens here, in between Congresses. There’s a high level of churn within offices. Actually, two of these people on these email chains voluntarily left for other opportunities, other offices. And so, you've got to understand the reality of the situation," Johnson said.
Well oh yes, that's the reality of the situation. But Johnson is quick to point a finger at Tammy Baldwin, because she's a Democrat who hates veterans.

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