Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ryan's House Republicans vote to dramatically cut the Federal Free Lunch Subsidies for growing problem of low Income Students.

Right wing socialism is here, and coming on strong. Packaged as the "real America," conservative voters see an infallible party simply trying to save their country with "common sense" bigotry and traditional racism. Ah, looking back, what a time it never really was.

The Walker/Schimel transgender restroom lawsuit is a beautiful example that. I want to focus on one line in the lawsuit seen in the video clip:
"...turning educational settings into laboratory's for massive social experiments, and running roughshod over common sense policies that protect children."

Right, unlike the state GOP making racist school mascots perfectly legal, turning the UW into a job training school, dumping Common Core because...?  Or on a national level pushing abstinence only classes, banning less flattering American history and replacing it with "American exceptionalism," avoiding climate change science, or making public schools profit centers and students commodities.

Massive social experiments like those?

Massive Social Experiment on our Children - Junk Food vs Junk Food? The most bizarre example of the GOP's "massive social experimentation?" Trashing food stamp recipients who buy junk food, while pushing for more junk food in our school lunchrooms in opposition to Michelle Obama:
Possible cuts to the federal free schools meal program could drastically impact low-income kids not just across the country ... the Education and Workforce Committee backed the bill that would scale back the number of schools receiving free or reduced lunches. It would also make it so that states wouldn't have to follow federal nutritional standards. Fewer students would receive free and reduced priced meals..
Republicans running roughshod over their own "Massive Social Experiment" that would take food away from students? What's the excuse; lazy kids should stop freeloading? WKOW:
Janesville School District Nutrition Manager Jim Degan is concerned ... 65% of the District's students rely on subsidized or free breakfast and lunch. "That's taking five steps backwards, we have made the effort we are providing healthier food for the children and what are we here for, to provide the best nutritional meals we can provide, so that's what we are attempting to do."

"You're then cutting quality or the standards we fought so hard for," he said. 27 News checked around at other schools in our viewing area, in Beloit, their district says 76% qualify for the Federal Free Meals Program, that number is 50% for the Madison School District.

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