Friday, May 6, 2016

Finally, Walker's criticized by the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and Democrats.

Since I’m not a hunter, it seemed odd to me that I was one of the few bloggers writing about hunting and the irresponsible state control over wildlife. I just wanted to protect the sport my dad and so many others enjoyed here in Wisconsin.

Walker trolls liked to bash my coverage, putting all their faith and supposed rugged “individualism” into their near infallible leader, Scott Walker. My defense of hunting and criticism of the new Rube Goldberg set of hunting regulations was met with snide remarks.
Now that the issue if front and center, I’m hoping the state will make the necessary changes, and the trolls stop giving up their freedoms to their big government conservative leaders like Walker. WPR:
Wisconsin Wildlife Federation Asks Walker To Be Stricter With Deer Farms To Fight CWD: A prominent sportsmen's group wants Gov. Scott Walker to crack down on deer farms as he revises the state's chronic wasting disease tactics. The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation announced Thursday that it sent the governor a letter asking him to require farms to double-fence, install devices to detect open gates and kill their herds within a month if CWD is detected on their farm and it's not double-fenced.

The federation recommended more testing of wild deer for CWD and suggests returning to in-person carcass registration in disease zones. The group also demanded more transparency from the state on the disease's spread.
That sounded reasonable, right? Nope. Republicans are settling in on their now standard answer for everything; 'there’s nothing we can do.' Now that’s governing:

Whitetails of Wisconsin Association President Rick Vojtik said the captive herd isn't spreading the disease and double-fencing won't stop its spread.

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