Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Walker doesn't have time for Lincoln Hills Juvenile Riffraff, time to go to Mexico.

The buck stops with Scott Walker, it's that simple. 

Walker either doesn't care, doesn't know what to do next, or is just too busy to take the Lincoln Hills debacle seriously. After all, he's taking a trip to Mexico.

Crowding, an amputation, staffing problems, criminal abuse, sexual assaults, beatings and child neglect are all shocking problems that you would think would be a Walker top priority...nope.

Now we’re finding out ordinary guards are dispensing prescription drugs instead of medical personal. JS:
No time for the riffraff!!! 
A 15-year-old held in Wisconsin's problem-plagued juvenile prison was given the wrong psychotropic medication twice in April despite the incoming head of the facility promising the mistake wouldn't happen again after the first incident, the boy's family says. Together with other incidents in which another inmate didn't get his prescription medicine at all, the problems raise questions about a system in which ordinary guards, not medical personnel, dispense potent drugs at the Northwoods facility.

Kenneth Robbins, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said "I don't know of any place other than the Department of Corrections where a potentially nontrained and nonclinical person would be administering medication." 
It appears Walker’s not about to help those he considers undesirable Wisconsinites. It’s an intentional pattern of behavior reflected in other policy, like punishing the hungry and unemployed by making benefits difficult to get, not to mention stigmatizing recipients as drug addled freeloaders.

The buck stops with Walker, no doubt about it. I haven't seen one story where he even acknowledged this recent Lincoln Hills horror:
Residents of the facility and their families have also alleged staff have been slow to respond to suicide attempts. In one incident detailed this month by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a teenage inmate held up his roommate to keep him from dangling from a makeshift noose, struggling to keep him aloft as he waited for guards to intervene.

After an amputation under Superintendent John Ourada, Walker took an administration crony (another brilliant choice) state Corrections Sec. Ed Wall, and put him in charge. That predictably ended in disaster, and Wayne Olson took over for only 3 months. If that wasn't bad enough, facility staff were shocked and disheartened at the appointment of incompetent Deputy Sup. Wendy Peterson.
Workers at the institution reacted strongly to the announcement that Peterson would now run the facility, Bauch said. "They've completely destroyed morale. There's no goodwill left," Bauch said of the administration.
Just a note, Ed Wall was so bad that he was fired from the Justice Department after taking over his old job there.

Walker wants this whole story to disappear so much that he conveniently ended the John Doe probe...odd coincidence
The state John Doe probe of Wisconsin's juvenile prison ended Monday under a law Gov. Scott Walker signed last year limiting how such investigations can be conducted.



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