Saturday, May 21, 2016

Rep. Dale Kooyenga on teachers: "...tell your teachers...we're gonna work 7 am 'til 5 pm. You need to do that sometimes!!!"

Republicans have never been afraid to push their agenda down everybody's throats, especially when it's based on anecdotal "evidence" and utter nonsense.

Republican Justices are no different. Remember when the Supreme Court justices had to be told by a fellow justice the ACA marketplace wasn't like a shopping mall, where you could just go in and pick up contraception if you wanted it?

Or closer to the topic here, Republicans bashed supposedly greedy teachers for their high wages, negotiated by unions. Oddly, now under Act 10, teachers can get into education and focus exclusively on their greed, seeking out job offers by the highest bidding school district. That opens the door for exploitation, higher education costs, shortages in the core subject not in high demand, and an advantage for wealthy districts over rural schools. Problems solved...or made worse?

Here we go again. Right up there with lazy teachers having the summer off, Rep. Dale Kooyenga's anecdotal shot that "teachers don't put in a full day" got the kind of response he deserved.
Kooyenga: "Sometimes what you need in a change, is you need to tell your teachers, listen, we're in a tight spot. We're all gonna get here at 7 am, we're not leaving 'til 5 pm. You need to do that sometimes..."

Lauren Baker: "...we do that everyday and then we take our work home with us at 5 pm and we work on it the entire night. Let's go easy on that one, okay?" 

An amazing thing to assume, or even say in front of teachers. Can you imagine what he and his Republican comrades must be saying behind closed doors?
There was a collective gasp when Brookfield Republican and MPS Takeover co-author Rep. Dale Kooyenga had this to say about teachers. Thankfully Milwaukee Teacher's Education Association Executive Director Lauren Baker was there to correct him.

Feel free to let him know how you feel about this statement: (608) 266-9180.
I included two more topics in the clip below. The first half deals with the unfair school funding formula, where some students are worth more than others. The second half is a must see about vouchers, and the obscene money being made by some at a few failed schools, at taxpayer expense.

Did Republicans like Kooyenga ever bother to ask teachers about any of these issues? Not a chance.


  1. I know you have a low opinion of the cushy lives of teachers, Rep. Kooyenga, but at least they work from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. without hitting the sauce. And if they did drink on the job they would probably face some consequences.

  2. The barbarians got waaaay past the gates.