Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Walker challenges Constitution, what he calls the "status quo," Loses.

The laughable lapdog antics of our know-nothing AG Brad Schimel, has crossed the line into blantant ass-kissing. Congratulations low information, what-ever-Walker-wants Republican in-the-tank voters, we now know you're not only dangerous to yourself, you're a danger to your community for voting Schimel in. WKOW:
Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling dealt Gov. Scott Walker a rare loss in the high court Wednesday, upholding a ruling that keeps the state education secretary independent ... the court rejected arguments made by Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel to overturn the decision. 
Never getting into the partisan gutter with Walker, Superintendent Evers simply took the high ground:
Current DPI Superintendent Tony Evers (said) the case before the court was about preserving the office's role as a nonpartisan constitutional officer in charge of implementing and overseeing education policy.
Wait, didn't Republicans already blow up the supposed myth of being "nonpartisan," which allows them to politicize everything without guilt or explanation.   

I thought the following was an amazing reveal from Walker's office over the decision. The whole privatization movement is based on playing off the fears every parent has over whether they're doing enough to help their kids succeed in school. Walker's solution is to put average elected school board members with no background in education in charge; parents who haven't been in school for decades in charge; and kids in charge of deciding their districts curriculum. Skip the research, the successes elsewhere, ignore educators. We want parents to feel good, because they know what's best instinctively:
Walker Spokesperson Tom Evenson (wrote), "Beginning with the Act 10 reforms in 2011, Governor Walker is dedicated to challenging the status quo when it impedes the ability of parents, school boards, and students to get the best educational outcomes."

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