Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ryan: The biggest Con Artist in Politics.

Every few years Paul Ryan takes one of his party's biggest liabilities and tries to pin it on the Democrats. And it looks like his plan is working.

What was Paul Ryan's most recent political con: Ripping on crony capitalism. He said that all the while Republican governors were creating crony "capitols" in every red state.
President Barack Obama’s most recent tax overhaul for corporations is just “crony capitalism,” Rep. Paul Ryan says. “It’s a raw deal and I think it’s more crony capitalism. The president likes to pick winners and losers. He lets some businesses off the hook…”
His latest attempt to shift blame: Obama's failed "trickle down economic" agenda. Yea, you read that right. 

ALERT: Ryan is stating emphatically, trickle down economics doesn't work, the core policy of the Republican Party;
"I think the Federal Reserve has given us, in combination with Obama policies, more regulations, higher taxes, more uncertainty; has given us trickle-down economics.”
In a debate with his 2014 challenger Rob Zerban, Ryan doubled down on trickle down's failure, again denouncing it and saying it was Obama's fault:
Debate Question: "Who is actually experiencing the  benefits of our economy? The sad reality is that millions of Americans have not had a pay increase in years. Many who lost jobs went back to work at substantially lower paying jobs ... the stock market/bank accounts bulged as a result of corporate profits averaging 20%. What will it take, and what will you do to ensure a continued recovery is better shared by all Americans, instead of just those at the top?" 

Paul Ryan: "Hundred percent, 100% agree with that...why is that? Guess what, we're practicing trickle down economics right now ... that growth is not translating down to the middle class. It's not lifting people out of poverty ... This is what we're practicing right now."
Criticizing Ryan (in an actual debate setup between them), (David Brooks) said, "Paul's prose is sometimes at war with his policy." Sometimes?

Paul Ryan's Con is working on Moderates and Independents...even Democrats: The Journal Sentinel's Craig Gilbert took a look at Ryan's popularity in the state. As it turns out, Ryan's favorable's are up, unlike his national numbers. What is it about Wisconsin Republican voters?
Paul Ryan’s popularity has ticked upward in his home state of Wisconsin since he became House speaker.Ryan is getting his best ratings in years from moderates and independents. His image has improved among Democrats and liberals, too. Ryan’s numbers with moderates, averaging three Wisconsin polls during his speakership (last November, January and March): 45% favorable, 31% unfavorable.

Here are his numbers with independents: 46% favorable, 29% unfavorable. In both cases, they are the best ratings Ryan has gotten with those groups in 16 different surveys by Marquette over the past four years. And it’s far less negative among liberals, Democrats, and union households (Ryan is plus 15 among union households in Wisconsin; Walker is minus 32).

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  1. I call people like Paul Ryan and Scott Walker Fool's Gold. They are brilliantly deceptive in appearance but so totally worthless.