Monday, May 16, 2016

Dumb Ron Johnson compares Democrats to terrorist hijackers on Flight 93!

It's the same old story. Remember Scott Walker's fight with labor supporters who were protesting around the Capitol? He said it was just like fighting ISIS.

The story few people want to talk about is the decades old portrayal of Democrats as terrorists.

Republicans nationally have successfully defined Obama as a foreigner and terrorist hell bent on destroying the country. His entire agenda had to be stopped from day one.

Paul Ryan was in on that first anti-Obama meeting, and he is now using his "genius" to not make the case for Republicans with better ideas, but to instead blindly trash Democrat Hillary Clinton...:
"I think most Republicans at the end of the day are going to come to the conclusion that we’re really in the ‘Never Hillary’ camp," Ryan said.
...because, you know, it just makes sense like that.

Political hack Dumb Ron Johnson is now imagining himself trying to save Flight 93, how he must see his campaign, from crashing. As usual, Democrats are the terrorists out to destroy the country. Funny aside, Johnson thinks "lets roll" had something to do with rolling up your sleeves, and the crowd at the State Republican Convention didn't gasp or offer up a chuckle? From WPR reporter Shawn Johnson:

Johnson invoked United Flight 93, the airplane that went down in Pennsylvania on Sept. 11. Passengers on the doomed flight took a vote before raiding the cockpit to try to stop terrorists who hijacked the plane.

"In November of 2016, we'll be taking a vote," Johnson told Republicans in Green Bay. "We're going to be encouraging our fellow citizens to take a vote. Now, it may not be life and death like the vote the passengers on United Flight 93 took, but boy, is it consequential."

The campaign of Johnson's Democratic challenger, former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, sent out a tweet saying: "Beyond bad taste: Sen. Johnson actually compared the horrific tragedies on 9/11 to his own partisan re-election."
Continuing that theme on the Joy Cardin Show, Robin Vos warned the world about Hillary :

Vos: "Republicans are united around the idea that Hillary Clinton can't get into the White House, and would be dangerous for freedom all around the world." 
It was Glenn Grothman's turn to offer up his frightening vision after the Obama administration defended transgender rights; the transgender threat to the military:

Grothman complained about the moral decline in the country...he's right, if you consider the Republicans bigoted, racist authoritarian one party rule plans for America.

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  1. RonJohn wants to wave the bloody shirt of 9/11 but is too stupid too properly shoe-horn in the reference.