Monday, May 2, 2016

Scott Walker's pick, Ted "Lucifer in the Flesh" Cruz, proves he's still a bad judge of character

It's fun to watch "stand with Walker" drones struggle to explain their party leaders choice of Ted Cruz. Even funnier still were the words John Boehner used to set the record straight about the Senate's most disliked SOB.

With Borg-like precision, Republicans marched in lockstep to vote for Ted Cruz, a guy they really hated, just because Scott Walker said so. Then they tried to explain away what was essentially a Trump protest vote, as if they were sincerely trying to elect the best man.

After six Walker associates were convicted in the first John Doe investigation, Walker again proved that he was still a bad judge of character, appearing in this Wisconsin get out the vote ad for Cruz:

Check out Boehner's actual words...and the crowds reaction:

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