Thursday, May 26, 2016

Transgender Bathroom policy violates religious freedom? "I think (God) wrote in my heart that I shouldn't go into a woman's restroom..." - Republican Rep. Tom Larson.

Not another one. This time the Walker administration's "follow-the-leader" time consuming right wing socialist agenda includes another taxpayer supported frivolous lawsuit against Obama; transgender bathroom policy. 

Scott Walker is now making the crazy claim that the Department of Education’s Title IX law is some kind of "executive order," in conflict with our 1st Amendment religious freedoms. Hey, it's all there in the Bible. As for AG Brad Schimel...has there ever been more clueless political ass kissing operative? JS
"President Obama's attempts to rewrite the laws of our country without congressional consent and approval are not going to be tolerated by the State of Wisconsin."  
Kind of makes you wonder why Walker and so many other Republicans ran for president if they were just waiting to take orders from Congress. I can't remember Walker ever asking "hey congress, tell me what to do." Just the opposite. Walker hysterically bragged he wanted to personally "wreak havoc" as president. I still can't get over how cluelessly dumb it was to use that term.

Getting back to Schimel...  
State Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) blasted the action, "The Department of Justice has really become this right-wing law firm that brings these lawsuits. I'm alarmed by it. ... This is political litigation. This is not about lowering crime or making the public safer." 
It's obvious Walker and Schimel are shamelessly exploiting two of the most obvious ploys used to successfully manipulate the base; executive order overreach and our religious freedoms. Yet neither seems to apply here. WPR came up with this Schimel audio clip highlighting his "legal opinion" about our nations biblical, constitutionally protected bathroom laws:

Schimel: "Some in our nations leadership, place a higher priority on so-called rights to use whatever bathroom one feels most comfortable with, than they do on basic religious freedoms."
Walker and Schimel's shameless pandering to religious right populism, got this response by scary Republican State Rep. Tom Larson:
"Mr. Obama has done more to destroy the Christian foundation of this country than anyone I know," Larson wrote in a letter to the editor Wednesday. "Although (the president) claims to be a Christian, such assertions are implausible since his actions consistently oppose Biblical beliefs and principles" 
It's true, God and Jesus both felt strongly about principled and traditional bathroom use, as written somewhere in the Bible...or is it written in our hearts...
... Larson feels strongly that the traditional approach to bathrooms guards against immorality. "I think (God) wrote in my heart that I shouldn't go into a women's restroom because I'd be tempted to be a pervert," Larson said.
As for our incidental governor, who is again being forced to to decide because it's just not on his radar (except for that law lawsuit thing):
The governor has expressed openness to Wisconsin limiting the bathroom options for transgender students but has stopped short of saying he would sign such a bill. 
Who knows where Walker will come down on this issue? 

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