Friday, May 20, 2016

CEO dupe Scott Walker can't stop the job losses.

Over and over again, job layoff announcements have been announced and no one seems to be around to add them up or point them out. Is it another Scott Walker failure? His big selling point was making the state a great place to do business. But nothing has change, and the bloodletting continues.

I tried to do search of all the recent stories, but time has already swept most of those stories into a forgotten archive somewhere.

 So here's the latest:
Old National Bancorp has notified state officials it plans to eliminate 140 full-time jobs, almost all of them in Madison ... Most of the positions will terminate in September.

Caterpillar Inc. said it is moving engineering and technology jobs from its mining equipment division in South Milwaukee to Tucson, Ariz. … South Milwaukee Mayor Erik Brooks said the company told him 10 to 15 jobs from his city will be moved to Arizona this year and approximately 200 jobs could be moved over the next five to seven years … the bulk of the transfers will take place in 2018.
 Caterpillar has laid off hundreds of employees in the Milwaukee area and now employs about 240 at its manufacturing plant in South Milwaukee, down from 800 a few years ago.
As always, Arizona Republicans found a way to help the supposed free market work its magic…
Some have speculated that Arizona offered Caterpillar more than $50 million in incentives in exchange for the jobs. Caterpillar didn't reach out to Wisconsin or Milwaukee officials for assistance in keeping the jobs here.
Yes, CEO's are saying the business climate great, but they're not lifting a finger to help. Even after Scott Walker’s gift of lax environmental regulations for mining, Caterpillar is still leaving.

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