Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Right Wing war on Speech "webpage is not available!"

What is "the liberal media?" Does it lack the propagandized right wing spin necessary to bring about a nationalized one party authority? Is it whatever someone says it is?

With reliable right wing conservative media outlets like Fox News, Breitbart, NewsMax, Newsbusters, Wall Street Journal, World Net Daily, The Blaze, Drudge Report, Daily Caller, Townhall, National Review, Real Clear Politics, Hot Air, Weekly Standard, Chicks on the Right, Red State, Powerline, Louder with Crowder, American seems odd, even petty, that the great tea party Republican defenders of our Constitution would allow anyone to attack someone else's free speech....

Isn't it time to cleanse America of this cancerous liberal media using the First Amendment to destroy our country?

If you hit the link to "join now," you see this....

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