Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Citizen Action's "Radio Active" Milwaukee Campaign shakes up Walker wingnut media Lapdog Media Trackers.

Citizen Action has taken on the Herculean task of trying to get liberal talk radio into the Milwaukee market. JS:
...try to find the money to buy their own radio station and create a progressive format to give more voices a say. The effort is led by the grass-roots organization Citizen Action of Wisconsin.
Media Tracker's Brian Sikma's piece, "Citizen Action Declares War on Conservative Talk Radio," suggests any criticism or challenge to conservative radios monopoly in Milwaukee is a declaration of war. So much for Citizen Action's 1st Amendment right to speak out and call into question their market dominance.

You have to wonder why Sikma is so defensive. You'd think he had something to hide. Does he have a problem with competition, the supposed backbone of free market conservatism? The conservative media elite's radio monopoly in Milwaukee, and their liberal radio blackout, does need some explanation. But Sikma took a pass.

Sikma appearance on WPR's Joy Cardin Show should have been focused on the title of his article, "Citizen Action Declares War on Conservative Talk Radio." For 20 minutes, Sikma talked up diversity and a liberal presence, even though he called it a "war on conservative talk radio" in his article.

Oh, and did you know, Milwaukee's "diverse opinions" are only on the right:
"There is a diversity of viewpoints on a variety of issues. They might not be touting what might be considered progressive or liberal ideas, but when it comes to prescriptions for what conservatives in state government should do when it comes to looking at candidates for public office, there is certainly a diversity of viewpoints."

Right Wing Authoritarian Pretzel Logic: Sikma inadvertently admitted that the conservative leaning Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is actually liberal because it has at times been skeptical of Scott Walker's policies. So if the media isn't completely on board with Scott Walker's agenda, any analysis of the facts running counter to Walker must be politically charged liberalism? Here's Sikma reinforcing that idea:

Here's Robert Kraig's take on the situation in Milwaukee, and his response to ridiculous two right wing callers:

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