Friday, February 12, 2016

Walker targets Jobless to take "lower paying jobs much sooner."

Humiliation and forced cheap labor is on the Republican fast track. Thanks to the effort of big monied lobbyist WMC, and their willing dupe Scott Walker.

It's not like wages weren't low enough already in Wisconsin:
WSJ: Despite a new report showing Wisconsin has the fastest-shrinking middle class in the U.S., the Gov. Scott Walker administration says the state is headed in the right direction.

Unfazed by that devastating news, Walker's rigid ideological agenda remained unchanged. He now wants to increase cheap labor in the state, and force Wisconsinites into taking those lower wage jobs. WPR:
This week, lawmakers heard testimony on a bill that more clearly defines when someone looking for work can reject a job. Scott Manley from Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce said the bill expands what jobs should be considered and spells out when there is just cause for refusing work.
Leave it to WMC to go for it all, demeaning those who were once in highly successful careers, and dumping them into menial jobs:

"An unemployed worker who is collecting benefits can actually refuse a job and continue to collect benefits if the job offer does not constitute suitable work," Manley said.

The bill gives out-of-work people less time to wait for a job comparable to the one they had. "The changes made by this bill will force workers to take lower paying jobs much sooner," said Kevin McGee with Legal Action Wisconsin.
The Specter of Fraud: Republicans were so successful using the fear of fraud to suppress voter turnout, they're now going to use the same tactic for "unemployment fraud." 
Gov. Scott Walker wants changes to jobless benefits that employers say will prevent fraud and strengthen the state's unemployment fund.
The Dirty Little Funding Secret: Republicans and employers hate putting money into the state's unemployment fund so much that they conceived the scam below. This is corporate welfare on steroids, from a posted I wrote July 11, 2013:
jsonline: Under changes to the state's unemployment insurance system adopted by the Legislature's budget committee Wednesday, taxpayers would spend $26 million over two years to prop up the unemployment fund, To avoid having employers face new assessments this year, the committee voted to use $26 million in general tax dollars to pay down interest on that loan.
Think that’s bad? Taxpayers will be used to scam the federal government. Republican will borrow our hard earned taxpayer dollars to shore up the unemployment fund so the fed won’t raise taxes on EMPLOYERS, the ones who actually fund the account.
Additionally, the committee proposal would allow the state Department of Administration to lend up to $50 million in taxpayer money to the unemployment insurance fund. That loan would help the state ensure that the unemployment fund has a positive balance in 2014, which in turn would keep the federal government from raising taxes on employers by $191 million in 2015.
Instead of employers taking responsibility for funding their own insurance program, Walker Republicans have shifted that liability over to taxpayers. All is well in "Stand with Walker" land.

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