Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mississippi Republicans say Voucher Accountability lies with Parents!!!

(Warning-strong language follows because this is getting ridiculous)

Republicans have been so successful dumbing down their base, that bullshit has the ring of absolute truthiness.

Thanks to Republicans in Mississippi, we now know how bad things are going to get with school vouchers.  I mean come on, are we really going to fall for the voucher con when it sounds as fucked up as the bill below?
When asked what the accountability measures were in the bill to ensure students were progressing educationally, Rep. Joel Bomgar, R-Madison, said the accountability was the parents.

“There is accountability in the bill, but the accountability that matters is the parents.”
I’m not making this up. Wait till you see what they said about testing…
The bill does not require students who receive the vouchers to take the achievement tests that are required of students in the public schools. Bomgar said student testing has not been effective in improving public education.
Take a deep breath, there’s more. The reporter tried to get another legislator to say something, anything, about accountability:
House Education Chair John Moore, R-Brandon, the primary author of the legislation, said the proposal does not include accountability measures now, they will be added later in the legislative process. “You can bet there will be some accountability in it.”  
Yup, later, can't think of anything right now. And with no testing or measure for success…what could go wrong with tutoring:
Vouchers also could be used for other purposes like hiring a tutor for homeschooling.
I’ve saved the best piece of bullshit for last; the original scheme that actually works around the intent of their state Constitution by making families the middle man, so they can spend the money on public education instead of the state:
Section 208 of the state Constitution reads no funds shall “be appropriated toward the support of any sectarian school, or to any school that at the time of receiving such appropriation is not conducted as a free school.” 

But Bomgar said the funds would be given to the parents and not the schools.
As dumb as that sounds, the courts went along with it.

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