Friday, February 5, 2016

Justice Candidate Joe Donald uses Bradley's embarrassing public domain B-Roll Video against her!

Take a look at the creative ad put together by Supreme Court candidate Judge Joe Donald's campaign. If he can afford to run this on TV, he should.

Rebecca Bradley's scheme was simple enough; she would release "public domain" footage of herself so special interest groups could stumble upon it, be inspired and use the video in an "issue" ad. 

The thing is, Judge Joe Donald's campaign also "accidentally" came across it and was similarly inspired:

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Joe Donald's campaign is doubling down on its claim that state Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley's campaign is coordinating with outside groups — by trolling Bradley with her own footage.

It all started late last month when Bradley uploaded three minutes and 34 seconds of b-roll footage documenting "A Day in the Life" of the newly-appointed justice. On Tuesday, a few of those scenes reappeared in an ad set to air on TV statewide in the weeks leading up to the Feb. 16 primary election. A spokesman for the Wisconsin Alliance for Reform said the group's ad didn't demonstrate coordination. "The footage featured in our ad is publicly available and enabled us..."
Here's my side by side comparison: the ad is on the left, Bradley's meaningless and oddly surreal video on the right:

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