Sunday, February 21, 2016

Another Law Abiding Gun Owner...until he wasn't....

Like the title says, gun owners are all law abiding citizens until they decide they're not. Tearing away all the regulatory safeguards that might have prevented carnage like this has been a right wing passion. Even if this mass shooting wasn't preventable, the growing U.S. gun culture and mind set is changing the way the public uses guns:   
Gun owner!
45-year-old Jason Brian Dalton has no record of criminal history, nor anything in his background "that would lead us to believe he was capable of this type of behavior," Kalamazoo Police Chief Jeff Hadley said.
6 people lost their constitutional rights all at once, and we can thank a pro-life constitutional conservative movement pushing deadly guns, the death penalty and unaffordable for profit health care.   
Picking targets seemingly at random, a gunman went on a hours-long rampage in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Saturday night, driving around the city and opening fire on unsuspecting victims at an apartment complex, a car dealership and a Cracker Barrel restaurant. Six people died, and another two were seriously injured — including a 14-year-old girl who had been pronounced brain dead but squeezed her mother's hand as doctors were preparing to harvest her organs, police said. She was then able to respond to questions by squeezing her mom's hand several more times, and was rushed into surgery.
 The injured will never really recover, physically or mentally.

This is part of the GOP's attempt to destabilize any expectation of public safety, keeping all Americans on edge and unsure. And despite that obvious message, gun advocates just keep feeding into that growing fear:
"He was a law-abiding citizen up until he pulled the trigger on the first victim," said Jonathan Southwick, owner of a gun store in Plainwell, 20 miles north of Kalamazoo. "There are no laws you could put into place to stop what had happened."

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