Thursday, February 4, 2016

Walker's Justice Bradley hopes to win election in the most Positive Dirty Way.

I had to say something about this amazing Supreme Court dark money drenched race controlled by Walker supporters who back his pick, Justice Rebecca Bradley … "The Wisconsin Alliance for Reform (is) spending about $400,000 to help recently appointed Justice Rebecca Bradley."

Besides secretly coordinating Bradley's campaign with the dark money at the Wisconsin Alliance for Reform, here’s what made me spit out my coffee…
JS: Bradley hopes the ads in the race will be positive, said her campaign manager, Madison Wiberg. "As Justice Rebecca Bradley has said since the launch of her campaign, she respects the rights of interested voters to exercise their First Amendment rights in this race."  
Bradley "hopes the ads"... "will be positive?" Really? Just for grins, let's take a look at a more recent Wisconsin Alliance for Reform ad, with their positive First Amendment filled message of laughable lies describing Russ Feingold: 

I'm sure Bradley will be one of the first to immediately correct any errors from the Wisconsin Alliance for Reform TV ads that will saturate the media airwaves this coming Tuesday. 


  1. The Wisconsin Alliance for Reform was formed last October, starting with attack ads on Russ Feingold. The group seems to be put together by Lorri Pickens, who registered their web domain. Pickens husband works for Bemis, which is the family that Ron Johnson married into.

    Pickens is a long-time political operative, with connections to Wisconsin Club for Growth's Eric O'Keefe, as well as the Kochs. Pickens was the state director for Americans for Prosperity and worked for O'Keefe's Sam Adams Alliance, as well as their Lucy Burns Institute. Most recently Pickens was executive director of the 501(c)4 Wisconsin Right to Work group. She has also worked with Julaine Appling's Wisconsin Family Action, managing Vote Yes for Marriage, the group that supported a 2006 state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

    1. Yep, theyre yet another Koch/Bradley/GOP front group, woth the money laundered amd donors hidden.

      Tells you who Ms. Bradley (Foundation) would work for, and why she has to get the boot ASAP