Friday, February 19, 2016

Modern Stone Age Republicans say Trains Bad!!!

The supposed "imagined" Republican war on Milwaukee got real with this little piece of retribution:
The state of Wisconsin and Milwaukee County would be barred from spending any money on a Milwaukee streetcar under a bill that cleared the (Republican) state Assembly Thursday night ... yet another glimpse at how far apart Wisconsin Republicans and Democrats stand when it comes to rail funding...
Is it any wonder Milwaukee is struggling to be a major contributor to the states economy? Republicans don't get it either, while admitting how much they hate the states largest city:
Republican Rep. Bob Gannon (R-Slinger) ... said the city is "the anchor holding back the ship of state as far as jobs is concerned."
Rep. Janel "boondocks" Brantjen
This disdain for mass transit - buses, trains, high speed rail - is idiotic, especially for those who've traveled to a city with street cars, subways or city wide rail systems.

But what really got my attention was this comment laughable, mind numbing comment from  Menominee Falls Republican Rep. Janel Brantjen, who called trains "anti-future," on Wisconsin Public Radio:
Brantjen: "Trains are the romantic fantasy of a European nation."

America is so "unromantic?" I wasn't the only one left breathless by "Boondocks" Brantjen's daffiness...
Democrats, like Rep. Chris Danou of Trempeleau, were at times incredulous during debate on the measure. "I honestly do find myself flabbergasted at times by the beliefs that I hear from the other side." 
So far today I've had fun substituting "trains" with other pretty common things. It's an easy way to complain about something...anything.  

The state is now being run by these backwards dullards, who can't make even make a comparison work:
Slinger Republican Rep. Bob Gannon called the streetcar a waste of money. "I don't ask you to fund my automobile," Gannon said.  "I don't want you to ask me, the citizens of the 58th Assembly District, to pay for your trolley."

Democrats said Gannon's remarks showed a misunderstanding of transportation funding, noting that automobiles rely on publicly funded roads and bridges. "When you get in your car, you do not pay the full price of that road," said Danou.
And after massive ineffectual tax cuts meant to starve the beast-like government, surprise, we don't have enough money to pay for economic development:
Republican Rep. Jesse Kremer of Kewaskum said, "This bill simply assures that we will not put any more strain on our existing state mass transportation system funding," said Kremer.
Again, these numskulls are charged with running this state...into the friggin ground.    

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