Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Voting Public Embraces their batterer, Republicans, because things will be different now...lie to us some more.

The funny thing about the recent tidal wave Republican sweep of the elections, is that it was all based on a mountain of lies. Adding to that heap, the GOP is now repeating the notion that they now reflect the public rejection of what can be only described by realists as a fictionalized Obama administration.

How effective was the conservative campaign to mislead the public? Keith Olbermann shows us:


Obamacare will add a trillion dollars to the deficit, which is just the opposite.

The stimulus failed, the opposite of the CBO estimates that indicate it saved and created 2 to 4 million jobs.

Obama increased the deficit with liberal spending, when he saved money and decreased the deficits the Bush administration estimated for this biennium.

Oh well.

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