Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh my God, Walker’s Economic Plan to Lure Seniors Back to Wisconsin includes, get this, Welcome Back parties!!!

Scott Walker isn’t shy about going after the big bucks. He wants retiree’s money, and he’s come right out and said so according to the Washington Post:
"We don't just want you back, we want your money back," he said. "We're just going to send a signal it's OK to come back here."
How could they not fall head over heals for that sales pitch?
Gov.-elect Scott Walker wants to lure out-of-state retirees back home with tax cuts and parties, saying the state needs their investment dollars.
Forget about the snow, icy sidewalks, and unwelcome high heating bills. We’ve got a tax cut and…ready for it…a "welcome back" party.
Walker … hopes to coax them back by phasing out state taxes on retirement accounts and traveling to Sun Belt retirement enclaves in places like Naples, Fla., and Sedona, Ariz., to hold "welcome back" parties.
All on the taxpayer dime too. How Walker is going to find and gather Wisconsin retiree’s in the same place for his “welcome back” parties is anybody’s guess. But again, the first thing that came to my mind was, THE WEATHER IS BETTER DOWN THERE.

Walker may have a tough sell. The sagging economy and other factors have made it difficult to sell homes - especially in places like California and Arizona - and retirees would be trading sunshine and swimming pools for blizzards and ice.

Sandy Lantz, 65, and her husband, James, 58, relocated nearly five years ago to Sun City Center, a Florida retirement community … she said nothing Walker could say would bring them back. "I wouldn't return just because of the snow, and that's honest," she said. "It's wonderful (here).

There's a community association here, they have a clubhouse, a swimming pool, clubs. We're really happy here and our lives have turned around."

Has Gov. Scott Walker hit another economic home run with his wacky idea? Time will tell

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