Thursday, November 4, 2010

Taxpayers just aren’t paying enough for Voucher and Charter schools. Pony Up!

This commentary from the Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog should tell you something about the rising cost of education, which will first and foremost, force parents to pay more money out of pocket just to keep their kids in school.

The Post-Election Education Landscape: Vouchers Up, WEAC Down by: Alan J. Borsuk

Let’s assume it’s good-bye to the 22,500-student cap on the voucher enrollment in Milwaukee. Will (Gov. Scott) Walker and the (Republican) Legislature expand the voucher program beyond the city … Will they open the doors wider for charter schools, for national charter-school operators to come into Wisconsin, and for more public bodies to be given the power to authorize charter schools? … Perhaps most important, what will the Republicans do about the per-student payments to voucher and charter schools? School leaders now are chafing under the impact of receiving less than $6,500 per student for each voucher student and less than $8,000 for each charter student. Will this be one of the very few spots where the Republicans increase the state’s financial involvement? Pretty good chance the answer is yes to all of the above.

What I didn’t know, and should have anticipated, was the growing dissatisfaction of the private sector over the “cheap” taxpayer funded student voucher. Despite the
private educational sector drawbacks that include the surprise closing of schools that aren’t profitable and tuition balances above and beyond the government voucher that have to be picked up by already squeezed income strapped parents, the public is still buying into the propagandized lie that vouchers are the answer.


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