Saturday, November 20, 2010

With a name like "Right to work," you have to know it means just the opposite coming from the GOP.

Right-to-Work!!! Get familiar with the term, it's about to become law in Wisconsin if the Republican majority has anything to do with. Below is a great summary of what we can look forward to in yet another complete "free market" lie.

The Daily Page: Making it harder for unions to recruit new members is likely a part of the state Republican legislative agenda. Although Republicans, including Scott Walker, avoided the term "right-to-work" during the campaign, Democrats fear the emboldened GOP majorities will make it a part of their pro-business platform in the coming months.

Under right-to-work statutes, employers are forbidden from entering "closed shop" agreements with employees, which make membership in a union a requirement for all employees. With union membership at all-time lows, I am guessing the public would likely support the change, although I have not seen any polls to prove it.

Interestingly, as many libertarians will tell you, right-to-work is an inherently anti-free market policy, which hinders the right of workers and management to negotiate contracts. However, it has effectively been messaged as a free market mechanism.

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