Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gov.-elect Walker’s Arrogance, Authoritarian Conservativism Appalling: He’s wants power now, Tells Democratic Governor to stop Everything.

Speaking out of ignorance Walker asked Gov. Doyle to stop his biggest initiatives, for all the wrong reasons, showing little if any curiosity to get it right.

Wisconsin State Journal: In a letter to Department of Administration Secretary Daniel Schooff, Walker urged the current administration to freeze implementation of the federal health care law and suspend contract negotiations with state employees. He also requested it stop making any permanent hires, transform Charter Street Power Plant into a natural gas boiler (instead of the planned biofuel boiler) and delay any new administrative rules until after he takes office on Jan. 3.

In the Nov. 10 letter, Walker restated his vow that one of his first acts as governor will be to authorize Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen to join other states in a lawsuit over the new federal health care law. He specifically mentioned the "establishment of exchanges" as a policy he wants frozen until after Jan. 3.

Petty issues and ideological decision making will apparently be one of Walker’s governing hallmarks.

Department of Administration Secretary Daniel Schooff promptly wrote a brief response Thursday, saying Walker needs to learn more about what he's requesting.

"With respect to the specific items you mention, obviously you have not had the opportunity to be briefed on these items," he wrote.

He added that the health care exchanges mentioned require legislation and won't go into effect until 2013, and the Charter Street Plant "has natural gas capabilities along with the biomass fuel purchased from Wisconsin farmers and foresters."

Maybe Walker thinks using biofuels is some kind of socialist takeover of the energy industry.
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