Friday, November 5, 2010

Greenberg Poll offers glimpse of Democratic strategy.

More on the reasons Democrats lost the midterms.

Progressive pollster Stan Greenberg and strategist Robert Borosage had this response from their exit polls:

The Wall Street bailout was "truly damaging to the president," and those who viewed banks as responsible for the economic crisis voted Republican.
Those surveyed expressed frustration with what they perceived as the nation's decline, with 89 percent agreeing with the statement that "America is falling behind" in the global economy and need a competitive strategy to revive the middle class. Greenberg's poll also found that:

People are looking for "a big vision." The popularity of the Republican Party has not changed over the past three elections. Voters remained pre-disposed to support the president, and are generally hopeful about the country's future.
Here's their prescription:

Focus on American jobs vs. outsourcing. Focus on a "keep your hands off" Social Security and Medicare message. Focus on the downside of repealing health-care legislation and the influence of Tea Party Republicans. And focus on the Republican support for continuing Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy.
Compromise on those issues?

Survey says: bye-bye White House.
It will be up to Obama, Borosage says, to lead, allay fears, and drive "bigger, more optimistic agenda.

"And then let Republicans kill it."

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