Saturday, November 6, 2010

Watch for it: State GOP Control means tax benefits for Business, Citizen Sacrifices of public services and safety nets.

The citizens of Wisconsin just asked for and voted in cuts to programs and services they appear to have taken for granted, just so they could pay for corporate welfare. What deal.

Maybe we were all living well beyond our means and needed a few draconian reality checks Republicans have been chomping at the bit to put in place.

Wisconsin State Journal: State Rep. Robin Vos, R-Burlington, who is expected to co-chair the Legislature's budget-writing Joint Finance Committee, stressed that the first priority will be to spur the state's economy by passing a major economic growth package, which he said would include tax cuts, regulatory reform and a continuation of essential public services.

How will Republicans create jobs and continue Wisconsin's shrinking wages?

Senate majority leader, Scott Fitzgerald, wouldn't say what those cuts will be but predicted there may be an "all-out war" with unions this spring "based on their typical approach to anything that touches their bargaining process."
Think about it. The war against unions is really a cover for their real agenda; They think wages and benefits are too high and detrimental to attracting busisness to our state. What Sen. Ron Johnson calls "creative destruction." Why can't we match the wage structure in China? And we will.

But business friendly Republicans are selective when it comes to contributors and who they'll be business friendly too, especially if they happen to be start-ups brought in by Democratic governors.

Trainmaker Talgo Inc. said Friday it can't promise it will stay in Milwaukee if Wisconsin scuttles its plans for a high-speed rail project as Gov.-elect Scott Walker has proposed.

Walker has criticized the high-speed rail project that would link Madison and Milwaukee as a waste of taxpayer money. He has vowed to shut down the $810
million project, which is being funded by federal stimulus money.

Walker spokeswoman Jill Bader said in an e-mail that the governor-elect is "reaching out to leadership at Talgo to encourage them to stay in Wisconsin."

Talgo said at the time it planned to create 125 local jobs, not including additional
work for vendors and suppliers. Friend said the company expected to have 40
employees by the end of the month, but said she could no longer make any staffing predictions beyond that.

Sacrificing a few jobs for their grander plan of loosening business regulations and environmental controls is well worth the risk. After all, Republicans have waited a long time to turn our beautiful state for tourism into a business cesspool and dump.
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