Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Absolute Party of Arrogance.

This is so pathetically jaw dropping, in the most authoritarian way, it would be hard not be a little afraid of conservatives who truly have a lock on power.

Three Wisconsin Republican congressmen Tuesday introduced (that) legislation would give Republican Gov.-elect Scott Walker a way to turn down $810 million in federal stimulus funds - now allocated for building a high-speed train from Milwaukee to Madison - without seeing the money redistributed to other states for their own high-speed rail projects.
That’s right, other states that see high speed rail as a future investment, would get stiffed, because Republicans think it's a bad idea. This plan is also a way to feed the conservative fear that someone else is getting something their not, along with making Walker look like a saint.

"This high-speed rail project is a bad investment for taxpayers and our state simply cannot afford it.” Sensenbrenner conceded the proposal isn't going anywhere in the lame-duck session.

Without the bill, he said, "the money returned by Ohio and Wisconsin will not be used for deficit reduction and consequently the governors-elect who are doing the responsible thing end up having their states penalized and the money is given to states not doing the responsible thing."

Short sighted Republican governors, who in another time would have turned down funding for the original interstate highway system, know what's best for all of us. States rights, out the window in this case. Conservative control freaks would much rather force their will federally on other states, and their citizens, than mind their own gjod damn business.

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