Thursday, November 11, 2010

Arizona might do away with Medicaid. That'll get those illigal Aliens.

With power comes...arrogance!!! The new president of the Arizona State Senate Russell Pearse, provides not just a glimpse at how devoid conservatives are of "reason," but a shocking admission that reason and humanity have nothing to do with their strict ideological rule.

Who else would consider doing away with the state's Medicaid program? People? Can't afford them. Ed Schultz explains:

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  1. If they do away with Medicaid, the er would be packed. It's already crazy enough as it is to go into the er. Sometimes it takes HOURS before you even get into a room. Couples who are having babies and have no insurance wont have the money to pay for the healthy delivery of their babies, if they do not have insurance. Health insurance is too much money, even through our jobs. Minimum wage is not good enough to do this. If they would raise the minimum wage, then maybe people wouldn't have to rely on Medicaid to take care of their health needs. Think of the Elderly & the disabled as well. This is a bad move!