Friday, July 31, 2009

Doyle Recall Effort Suspended. Group Now wants to have a Recall election around the 2010 election. WHAT?

It’s not that Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle did anything wrong to be recalled, it’s just that Republican opponents don’t want to be held to any “election” time table. You can understand, right? From the category “You can’t make this stuff up:”

Based on advice from CRG Network, Wisconsin affiliate Wisconsinites Interests Now (WIN)has suspended its Doyle Recall Exploratory operations in preparation for a new strategy focusedon removing Jim Doyle from office at the next general election in November, 2010.

You read that right. Their excuses for not succeeding in recalling the governor are many, but the funniest is the most outrageous: With only one liberal radio station in the state, and a saturation of local and syndicated conservative talk hosts, they have the nerve to blame the media for censoring them. It never occurred to them that maybe even conservatives thought these guys were crazy?
The recall exploratory effort has met with media censorship and, in several instances, a media “brown-out” that has impeded dissemination of information to interested parties throughout the state.
The recall was largely predicated on the analysis and opinion that Doyle’s ratings would bottom out in the next six months and likely rebound by November of 2010. The latest analysis suggests that Doyle’s rating will continue to fall making the November 2010 general election a superior time frame to poll the electorate.
Finally, WIN tries to spin the fact that they couldn’t find enough whiners to help with their crazy recall plans.
WIN publicized a self-imposed goal of recruiting 10,000 volunteer circulators by September 1, 2009 .... This recruiting goal would have doubtlessly been achieved but not within a time frame that would remove Doyle within the one year goal … WIN feels compelled to hold to the same standard it sets for politicians – do not lie to your constituents about your plans!

Oh so noble. And full of it too.

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  1. 6000 members in under 5 months. Hmmm. Makes you wonder too doesn't it?