Friday, July 10, 2009

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Free Enterprise allows "the ability to fail or succeed beyond Wildest imaginations." And it did.

If you're still not sure what direction conservatives want to take this country economically, take a look at the following commentary from Thomas Donohue from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce's James Buchen.

Donohue wants to remind American's that "what creates the wealth, creates the jobs in this country is the free enterprise system, with free capital markets, with free trade and the ability to fail or succeed beyond your wildest imaginations." Well, we certainly succeeded at "failing," beyond anyones wildest imagination. Thank you Mr. Donohue. He ends with a real head scratcher on business and universal health care, saying if we remove the insurance obligation by employers, we would put the U.S. in a "non-competitive position." Huh?

WMC's James Buchen denies he ever said he wanted Wisconsin to be like Alabama, which is an outright lie. Upfront's host Mike Gousha reminds him that that's exactly what he said, and that Alabama has lower graduation rates, lower education achievement, higher poverty rates and lower median income. Buchen defends what he said he didn't say, by adding, "from the standpoint of what state government can do I think we can look at taxes and regulations, and we can say hmm, maybe some changes could be made." Adding some sanity to the debate, Zack Brandon from the Wisconsin Commerce Department dispels the "bad for business" message from the states largest, supposedly pro-business lobby.

The idea that business is in someway a separate system of government that should be left alone to make its own set of rules for the sole purpose of making a profit, operating along side the federal system as foreseen by our founding fathers, is a dysfunctional bizarro world vision doomed to fail. And it did.

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