Friday, July 10, 2009

Car Czars Drive Gas Guzzlers! Fox News is OUTRAGED.

Did you ever wonder why you get that panicky phone call from your conservative friend from time to time? Or have you wondered why a simple debate turns into a shouting match instantly, with your Republican friend calling you a socialist?

It's likely they were either listening to a frantic Conservative radio talk show host or watching Fox News predict the end of America. The day time Fox News hosts are always foaming at the mouth, talking over guests comments and answering their own questions. If it wasn't so scary it would be funny.

Like the following example. FBN's Eric Bolling, co-host of Happy Hour, is so outraged he lashes out at the Car Czars for owning quality "gas guzzling Lincoln Town cars and foreign vehicles, suggesting they could never get the American auto companies to produce small fuel efficient cars. Could it be that Ed Montgomery and Steven Ratner, lacking small green car ownership, have disqualified themselves from being America's Car Czar?

Oddly, this is what passes for an intelligent, fair and balanced discussion on Fox News daytime.


  1. Fools mock, but they shall mourn.

    Go find the textbook definition of Fascism and you will find that it matches what your Democratic president, sentate and congress are currently engaged in.

    You're welcome to be a curmedgeon, but you're not welcome to be insanely uninformed and an accompice to Fasictic government filled with unqualified, unconstitutionally appointed henchmen acting as "Czars" to oversee things they know absolutely nothing about.

    Bush did it, and Obama is accellerating it. So, when you are done playing the "my guy" and "my politicl party" game, you can join we the American people in a fight for our liberty, which has been encraoched upon by a power-hungry federal government for approx the last 100 years...

    If you don't believe me - how would you feel if Bush was putting these Czars in place? What do you think will happen when the next Republican President gets put in? You won't be so happy then, and you shouldn't be happy now because it's all 100% unconstitutional.

  2. You have a point about the use of "Czar." Let's call them Corporate Accountability Professionals. "CAP"

    If you want the money spent well, this is one way to insure that accountability.

    Bush put former industry insider in to watch the hen house. That's not accountability, that's fascism.

    Thanks for pointing that out.